We offer twenty JoomlaDay Poland 2018 Gifts Founder packets for 700€ / $900, including a contribution of at least 125€ / $150.

If your company creates extensions for Joomla or offers other products and services for Joomla, you can become a Founder of your products package as gift for JoomlaDay participants.

Before and after the JoomlaDay

Before the conference and after the conference

  • Sponsor’s logo and short description (max. 40 words) on the website presenting gift sponsors
  • Small sponsor’s logo in the printed program of JoomlaDay
  • Information about the sponsor on the social network services profiles (Twitter, Google+, Facebook)

Year round

Sponsor’s logo on “Our sponsors“ board on every film presentation

During the conference

  • Sponsor’s logo displayed on the full screen during the prize draw at JoomlaDay
  • Small sponsor’s logo on the banners which will be set at key points in the place of the events

Application form

If you want to become a JoomlaDay Poland 2018 Sponsor, please: