We organize JoomlaDay Poland for the community and entrepreneurs. Join us! JoomlaDays in the whole world are organized thanks to the commitment of companies and businesses offering their products and services for Joomla - extensions, templates, website creation, hosting, audits, positioning, training, courses, books, and more.

We want to let organize JoomlaDay Poland 2018 every company, which, thanks to Joomla, gains clients and develops its business. Therefore, we offer a wide range of possibilities for sponsorship support, to suit every budget.

Sponsorship packages

To the prestigious group of JoomlaDay Poland Sponsors we invite major ICT companies that want to build and develop the Polish market for its products and services.  

Choose Gifts Founder package if you are a developer of extensions and other products who want to invite Polish Joomla community to use them.

If you have any other idea how to promote your services and products during the seventh JoomlaDay Poland - contact us. We are open to any proposal.

How to become a Sponsor?

To become a sponsor of the V JoomlaDay Poland, please:
Send application 

On the e-mail given in the notification, we will send you detailed information and a bill. Every Sponsor can sign a sponsorship agreement on request.

How we use the funds from the sponsorship?

Funds gained from Sponsors will allow us to finance the cost of renting a training and conference center, necessary organization costs and printing promotional materials. Any remaining funds will be devoted to other ventures useful for Joomla community development.

What do we offer JoomlaDay Poland Sponsors?

To those, who will decide to sponsor JoomlaDay Poland, we offer an efficient platform for presentations and promoting your business and various solutions for Joomla!. We suggest 6 options of sponsorship packages. A possibility of presenting a brand, products and services:

  • in www.joomla-day.pl website
  • Polish Joomla Center websites (joomla.pl and fundacja.joomla.pl)
  • in our social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • during the Conference
  • in a printed JoomlaDay program
  • in video relations from the Conference

Forms of promotion are described in Sponsorship Packages in details. There is also possibility to sign a Sponsorship Contract. We do hope you will find an attractive offer appropriate for your possibilities and aspirations here.

More information

More information about JoomlaDay Poland 2018 sponsorship offer you can find in our prospectus:

pdfDownload Sponsorship Prospect (1.21 MB)